Tourism Marketing Resources

While the DIY Tourism and Local Marketing Workshop only happens once a year, we realize digital marketing education and support can be a year around need! The JB Media Institute, co-producer of the DIY Workshop, has created videos, guides and other resources specifically for businesses that benefit from locals and tourists. Check out our free resources below to jump start your digital marketing education, and we’ll hope to see you in Asheville in November 2021!

Chart Your Course for Marketing Success in 2020 | Free Webinar

Want to know what strategies and tactics you should include in your tourism marketing plan for 2020? Watch this free webinar with Justin Belleme of JB Media Institute and Chris Cavanaugh of Magellan Strategy Group from July 10, 2019. They cite successful marketing plans in action and share specific tactics that small to mid-sized tourism organizations and local businesses can implement.

5 Key Trends in Tourism and Destination Marketing | Free Webinar

In this free webinar from February 2019, JB Media Institute co-founders and lead instructors Justin Belleme and Sarah Benoit shared five key trends to better market your business or organization, including (1) prioritizing customer and visitor intent, (2) tips for improving quality via Google Grants, (3) the power of conversation, (4) live video, and (5) Instagram Stories as an important social media strategy.

Content Marketing Best Practices for Tourism Destinations and Attractions | Free Webinar

Discover how to successfully highlight and promote the key assets and features that make your area or attraction stand out, even on a small to mid-sized budget. Watch this webinar from August 2018 to learn how to devote sufficient time, energy, and resources to stay interesting and relevant against local and regional competition while promoting your town, region, or local venue via digital marketing.

Critical Tourism Marketing Questions Every Marketing Team or Vendor Needs to Answer | Free Webinar

Learn the most important questions that you and your tourism marketing team or vendors should be able to answer during our free webinar from August 2018. The webinar’s content will help you uncover if your personal efforts and those of your current internal team or outsourced vendors are keeping up with the latest tourism related strategies for SEO, social media, Google AdWords, online PR and email marketing.

Top 3 Tips for Marketing Your Local Business | Free Webinar

Thanks to trends like smartphone usage, geotargeting, and the buy local movement engaging people living in or visiting your local area means using special digital strategies and tools. Sarah Benoit shares her top three tips for marketing your business to a local audience during the March 2018 Digital Drop-in webinar.

Reaching People Near Your Business or Organization | Free Webinar

Digital marketing technologies and tools are making it easier than ever to reach locals and tourists alike through local marketing strategies. This webinar from October 2017 with Justin Belleme explores the current options available for reaching people near your business or organization including Google Maps, Facebook advertising, Google AdWords and more.

Intro to Tourism Marketing | e-book

Our Introduction to Tourism Marketing e-book was designed by Justin Belleme to help any professional who is leading the marketing and promotional efforts for a destination. After reading this e-book, you will better understand many of the major challenges and opportunities presented by digital marketing, including branding, research and strategy, content development, social media marketing (on all major platforms), digital advertising and marketing partnerships.


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