2022 Workshop Topics

2022 Full Schedule Coming Soon!

Upcoming Digital Marketing Classes 

Over the last year, there have been a wide variety of changes in the digital marketing landscape. We are here to help you stay up to date on trends, build useful skills, and employ digital strategies that achieve your goals. 

  • The Principles of Great Design
  • Google Analytics Updates 
  • Ethical Marketing in Tourism 
  • How to Take Great Photos on your Phone 
  • Tourism Economic Updates 
  • How to Make Great Reels and Stories 
  • Redefining SEO in Today’s Modern World 
  • Why Accessibility Matters to Every Region 
  • Data-Driven Content Strategy 
  • Leading in Sustainable Tourism 
  • Tracking Conversions on Google Ads
  • Social Media and Email Marketing Ethics 101
  • Engaging the Media
  • Google Business Listing Updates