On-Demand Video Library

Class 1

New Trends in Tourism Marketing in 2020 with Sarah Benoit

Class 2

Using Video to Drive Business during a Pandemic with Chair 8 Media

Class 3

Leading Through a Crisis with Chris Cavanaugh

Class 4

Take the Guesswork Out of Your New Website with Status Forward

Class 5

Travel Consideration Advertising with Justin Belleme

Class 6

Getting the Message Right: Communicating with Visitors & Media During COVID-19 with Inspire PR Group

Class 7

What Does Google Want? Creating Content that Users and Google Will Love with Justin Belleme

Class 8

Email Marketing Best Practices for Building Engagement and Driving Conversions with Sarah Benoit

Class 9

What To Expect During the Unexpected with Chris Cavanaugh

Class 10

Social Media Messaging: Innovative Automations to Increase Engagement with Sarah Benoit


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