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November 18 – 19, 2019 Asheville, NC

Below you will be able to click to download many of the workshop’s presentations. You will also be able to click over to visit the websites of special presenters and sponsors if they provided as link to their slides.

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Day 1

Featured Talks & Speakers

9:15 AM 

Welcome to DIY: Chris Cavanaugh

The Future of Tourism and Local Marketing: Sarah Benoit

10:30 AM

Conversation is King – Social Media Strategy and Best Practices: Sarah Benoit

Google Ads 101 – Getting the most out of Search Advertising: Peter Frisa

 How to Create a Marketing Plan: Chris Cavanaugh

1:15 PM

Facebook and Instagram Advertising 101: Sarah Benoit 

Leveraging Strong Influencer Relationships to Build Awareness and Instagram Engagement: Hana Bieliauskas and Amanda Ensinger 

Implementing Partnerships for Social Media, Email, and SEO Success: Justin Belleme

2:45 PM

Google Analytics Fundamentals: How to Quantify Website Success: Sarah Benoit

Maximizing Your Outsourcing Budget: Justin Belleme

10 Do’s and Don’ts for better Website Conversion: Wolf Hoelscher and Nick Romanos

Day 2

Featured Talks & Speakers

9:00 AM

Building Your Email List with Contests and Giveaways: Justin Belleme

Managing Reviews and Local SEO: Rich Owings

Special Presentation by Raquel Ponce 

Principles and Practices of Outstanding Branding: Chris Cavanaugh

10:30 AM

Creating Content to Improve Google Authority: Sarah Benoit 

Tourism Digital Marketing Plans – Case Studies and Example Plans: Justin Belleme and Chris Cavanaugh

How to Craft a Winning Social Video Marketing Strategy: Cameron Barker
and Hart Roberts

1:30 PM

Interactive Strategy Development Session – Marketing Managers Unite: Sarah Benoit and Justin Belleme

Tourism Leadership Roundtable: Chris Cavanaugh and Justin Belleme

Our Speakers

Content Strategy Roadmap

What’s in the Content Strategy Roadmap?

JB Media Institute Co-Founder and Lead Instructor, Sarah Benoit, has designed the Content Strategy Roadmap to help businesses and individuals create a cohesive digital marketing plan. Presented in an easily-digestible, step-by-step format, the course covers five major sections:

  • Content Branding
  • Content Research and Strategy
  • Content Development and Optimization
  • Content Distribution
  • Promotion Partnership Marketing

We’ll be here for you as you create and implement your content marketing strategy.

Free Digital Marketing Toolkit

20+ guides and templates that walk you through creating a professional digital marketing strategy.

Level up your digital marketing skills with the JB Media Digital Marketing Toolkit. Whether you’re a current marketing professional, freelancer, student, in career transition, or an entrepreneur just getting started, our Toolkit can help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.



Digital Drop-In Free Monthly Webinar

Join JB Media Institute co-founders and lead instructors Sarah Benoit and Justin Belleme the first Wednesday of every month for our free Digital Drop-in webinar. Topics include social media, SEO, online advertising, online PR, email marketing, and more.


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